Tuesday, March 11, 2014

An Embossed Card

Wow, two beautiful days in a row. We got up to a high of 6C (42F) this afternoon. During our hour’s walk I started off with a winter coat, scarf wrapped twice around my neck, a toque and gloves. Unfortunately we are the poster couple for slow-learners and once again tried to walk along the river. Joe was sure by now it would be melted and/or plowed out. When he is wrong, he is very wrong. It was tough slugging once again in ankle or higher soft cold snow but the rest of the walk was great. This is where the scarf was removed and just hung loosely around my neck. Next the coat was opened part way; then the toque came off and finally the gloves. Its been months since I’ve been able to walk outside with no hat or gloves on. The Northern Cardinals are singing up a storm and we saw one robin but several robins decided to winter over instead of flying south so not sure if this was one of the migratory ones or not – but still nice to see. But this is March and Mother Nature hates to give up on winter so we are once again under a severe winter storm warning with strong blowing winds, freezing rain starting tonight and more snow tomorrow – anywhere from a couple of inches to several inches depending on the area – and the temperatures will once again drop down significantly. Cruel, cruel Mother Nature!

This past few weeks a friend gifted me with a lot of scrapbooking supplies, including some paper and I also picked up a couple of packages of various scrapbooking paper from the thrift store. Some of each were cut into, some not and because I sorted and then filed them all together I have no idea which paper came from what source. So, with that in mind, you will understand when I say that I have no idea where this piece of embossed paper came from but it was in the stash and it now a card.

I love this stamped and embossed piece of paper. I don’t have the stamp so I’m guessing it came from the thrift store. This was such a quick card to put together. The background was stamped (barely visible I know) using a large background stamp from my friend and I stamped it with blue ink on to the white card base. I knew not much of the card base would show but I didn't like the all white edge so this tiny bit of blue showing around the edges suited the card better. After trimming just a bit off the embossed paper I wrapped a ribbon around it. The sentiment was stamped with Stampin’ Up ink right onto the ribbon before gluing it on and the entire thing was glued to the card base. There is a white pearl at the base of the bow. I'm on the look-out now for that stamp. I love it.

That’s all for a Tuesday. Batten down the hatches if you live in Ontario from Windsor to Ottawa. It’s coming from the Appalachians in the United States moving North and then East so be aware if you live in that path as well. Contrary to popular belief, not all winter storms start in Canada – but they like to end here!





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