Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Mother Nature has hit us hard...

Mother Nature has hit us hard and oh my Mother Nature, why are you doing this to us? The storm didn’t miss us this time and we are being “dumped on” as they say around here when the snow starts piling up. This is the school children’s March break this week so lucky are the ones that went south to get away from all this. One family that really needed to get away, and I’m so glad they did, was my second cousin’s daughter’s family. Her husband is only in his early 40’s and was diagnosed September 2012 with stage 4 colon cancer. He had no symptoms until diagnosed either. After surgery and chemo he seemed to be cancer free, and was expecting to go back to work as a high school principle soon but the last MRI showed more cancer, now in his liver. When they explained that daddy had to go through more chemo to their two young children, the daughter ran and gave him a hug and said, “You are a really great daddy, but you are a lot of work”. God love children. They say what they feel and it cracked up Christine and Darryl and made them laugh. So, having said that, make sure you tell your loved ones that you love them and appreciate them being in your life. Every time I speak to my daughters and grandchildren, either by phone or Skype, we always end by saying “Love you” instead just goodbye and I'm so glad we have always done this.

Today’s card turned out even better than I imagined. If you gave read my blog for awhile you will know that I seldom use sketches – only when entering challenges – and I just start putting a card together trying to use up bits of left over paper. Here’s one of them.


I made a card base from that luscious shiny purple. The back side of it is dull so I used some of the left over bit to die cut the first Spellbinder fancy square frame. Then I found a piece of green that seemed to go well with the purple and die cut the larger fancy square with it. The image itself is a digital image I printed out and coloured with Prismacolor pencils, without blending with gamsol this time. I placed the first square on image and lightly penciled in where it would fit behind the purple frame and then cut it down to size. After gluing it all down I made a bow with long ends and then heated the ends with a heat tool to make them twist and turn and then glued it down. One bow is flipped up in the picture and I didn’t notice it until I downloaded them and I was not about to retake the picture.

That’s all for a snowy, windy March day. I decided this would be a good day for two things; one, get the income tax done (yuck) because we cannot walk in this (wimps); and two, make a vegetarian befe (this is how they spell the vegetarian beef-substitute we buy)Crockpot stew for supper which is on now.







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jinxxxygirl said...

Love it Violet! You did a great job coloring those flowers!

We will hit our first 80 degrees this year come this weekend... i say yuck to that! Because that means summer is right around the corner and i'am sooo not a summer person... :) Stay warm my friend! Hugs! deb

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