Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A Decorative Edge Card

Quite an eventful day around here today.  Nothing exciting, but eventful…just several phone calls, people stopping in and things breaking down. On the way home from watching a hockey game (our local Junior B team) last night Joe admitted he had a cold even though up until then he kept insisting it was allergies. So he had a quiet day. In between phone calls I was down in the lower studio finishing up some scrapbook layouts and making some cards for this week’s challenges. Then our neighbour, the computer guru, called and wanted to come over to exchange our router with another one to see if it would stop dropping our signal. If it does, then we know it’s time for a new router; but if not it’s something else and we have no idea what it could be. Of course, I made him a coffee and we chatted until I had to discretely let him know I had to start supper as my sister was coming and she needed to eat early so she could be off to another card game. Everything was going fine until finally supper was in the oven and I went to go back down to the lower studio and found out that the door was locked. We have lived here for 26 years and the door has never locked before. In fact, we didn’t know it did lock. I must have accidently pushed in the button when I came up and there was no way to unlock it except to take the handle right off. Once I had it off Joe came down and pried a few things until it popped. Neither one of us are locksmiths obviously as he has no idea what he finally hit to release it but then the handle had to be reinstalled. Bother! But in the end, supper was cooked to perfection (vegetarian chick’n potpie) and we had a great visit with the sister.

I thought I’d post a shaped card today. I bought a package of square cards and envelopes at Michaels and it turned out this package had a decorative bottom.


The image was coloured with Prismacolor pencils. The squares were die cut with a Spellbinder’s fancy square die set. Love this set! A piece of green was placed on the inside of the card so it shows on the outside instead of just white. Then the edges were inked with a light green as well. Once the colouring is done the card went together pretty quickly. I like to watch hockey (The Toronto Maple Leafs) and now baseball (Toronto Blue Jays) on television but perhaps I should say, listen and watch the replays, and do something else at the same time….which is colouring. I sit upstairs and colour all the images and set them aside so when I need a card, they are ready to go.

That’s it for Wednesday.




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jinxxxygirl said...

I remember eating potpie when i was a kid.... always store bought though and i loved it. Hubby doesn't like it so i haven't had potpie in ages!

That card is beaUtiful Violet. That green was a stroke of genius! Tell Joe to feel better. My hubby is just getting over a bout with his allergies... Its terrible when you can't do something so simple as breathe!! :) Hugs! deb

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