Saturday, April 26, 2014

Birds are arriving

We decided to brave the cool temperature and cold wind and go for a walk at Rondeau Provincial Park after lunch. As long as we were in the bush it was not too bad but a wee bit warmer would have been more pleasant. There were not too many people braving it there today. When we parked at Spice Bush trail there was only one other car there. Next weekend you won't find an empty parking spot because by then the migratory song birds should (I repeat, should) be arriving. We didn't see too much today but got some much needed exercise and fresh air. Here are a few of my favorite pictures of the day.
This little Eastern Phoebe was singing away like crazy. So nice to hear!

Our first Hermit Thrush photo.

Not a great picture but Hairy Woodpeckers don't get too close for a good shot.

These Kinglets rarely sit still. This was a bonus shot.

You can see why they are named Ruby-crowned Kinglets. That bit of red on his head are feathers but he moved just as I took the photo so the rest of him is fuzzy.

As we were leaving the park Joe spotted this Kildeer sitting on the stump so I rolled down the window and got this shot of him.

Hopefully some warblers will pose nicely for some photos in May.



1 comment:

JD/ Jill said...

What great pics you manage to get...sounds like you had a nice day even it was a bit chilly. Still a bit too chilly for me in our area too. I think it's going to go from winter like weather to summer...

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