Monday, April 28, 2014

A Bird Easel Card

Today was one of the windiest days we have had in a long time. It was so windy here it picked up one of our lawn chairs off the porch and threw it about 8 feet into the yard. It was recycling day on our street and surrounding streets and unfortunately a lot of blue boxes got blown over and paper and cans were blowing all over the place. Neighbours are good here though and we all helped pick everything up. Now they are expecting it to rain every day until next Sunday with the possibility of a thunderstorm. Must be spring! However, when I see that there have been several tornadoes in the lower United States, I cannot complain too much about how windy it is here. My heart aches for those affected by tornadoes.

Today’s card is a little different. Instead of stamping and colouring, I used one of my own photos and made an easel card.


Excuse the crazy photo angle. I was in a hurry I think and didn’t take a very straight picture. This little bird is a Ruby-crowned Kinglet and he landed in our backyard. You can just barely see the little red dot on the top of his head. This was just a typical easel card so no real explanation required.


Here is the side angle.

I started another scrap quilt yesterday afternoon. After church and lunch out we decided to have a quiet afternoon at home. What better thing to do than start a new quilt!!!! I’m lovin’ how its going together too and it’s using a ton of fabric. I really need to reduce my fabric stash and this is helping a lot. I'll post a photo of when it's put together.





JD/ Jill said...

Neat bird pic, and you made a lovely easel card with it.

Malika said...

So cute the bird love it


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