Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Flying Bird

Oh my! It just felt like spring was here today! Gorgeous day for sure! Okay the wind still had a bit of a nip to it but not strong and the sun was shining so it was fine for walking. After lunch I walked down to the nursing home where I do pastoral care visits (I’m just one of many from our church who visit the shut ins) and then I called Joe after I saw and visited with all of them (only 5 right now) and he walked down to meet me and we walked downtown and back. Let me tell you I was ready for a rest by the time we got back. The nursing home used to be a hospital. It is huge and of course the people I visit are all on different floors and some in the east end and some in the west end so I’m constantly walking back and forth – and then I walked downtown and back! What was I thinking!!! Oh right, it’s called needing exercise!

We did see the other grandson do his dance routine as well. Man there are a lot of kids from his school that joined the dance club. We saw three different clubs from his school and that was just up to the 10 year olds. It was interesting watching some of the clubs from other schools because the older the students got, the less participants there were. Some only had a dozen or less and some were all girls – who were the best by the way. You could tell some of them took actual dance lessons. Overall the kids all had fun, and some exercise, and thanks to technology we watched them without having to drive two hours to watch a 2 minute dance routine!
Sometimes technology is great, sometimes not so great. They have revamped the library’s computer system and it is awful. The other one was very user friendly and this one is NOT! If I'm not creating something I’m reading so I use the library a lot and I wish they had left it alone. I pretty much reserve the books I want to read on the computer from the comfort of my home and just go pick them up when they are available. Oh well, they say its good to learn new things but personally I could have done without this one!

Okay, enough griping, on with the card. Today’s card was made using one of the first stamps I bought. I pulled it out and decided it was time it was put to use again.

I love this little flying bird stamp so I stamped and embossed it in black on some white cardstock and then I inked the cardstock with various inks – mostly Distress inks but I use all inks for this technique. I paired that up with some striped paper and added the silver line sticker across the fold. The sentiment was also stamped and embossed in black and then I inked around it as well as it was still in the Spellbinder die. This leaves a clean crisp white edge. Then I just added some rhinestone bling to the bird and added a rhinestone swirl to the lower right corner. 

That’s all for Wednesday folks.






jinxxxygirl said...

Aaawww... love this little birdie Violet! Was looking thru my stamps today..... many i had forgotten about.. geesh... I needed one for a postcard and settled on a lizard or maybe the sun or maybe both.......LOL! 85 here today...uuugh..i'm ready for fall..... Hugs! deb

Malika said...

So special so nice


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