Tuesday, April 8, 2014

What kind of flower is this??

Wow, the rain we had plus some warmer temperatures (not warm enough to suit me because I love it when it’s in the 90’s) have made the grass turn green over night it seems. On the way back from dumping the kitchen pail into the composter I made a trip around the perimeter of the house, which is all flower beds, and noticed that the daffodils along the west side of the house have huge buds and are about ready to open up. Nice! We’re hoping to get a nice long walk in today but decided to wait until after lunch to see if it warms up a bit more.

This morning we had to wait by the computer to watch one of our grandson’s dance club from school dance at the festival. Hard to pick out one six year old from an entire gym full of kids jumping around (I mean dancing) but we did actually find him. Wednesday his brother’s dance club jumps..errr I mean dances. I was surprised these two sports crazy rough boys even joined a dance club but it looks like about 90% of the kids are in it. This is not finesse dancing like jazz or hip hop but more like they do at camp or guide troops….like I said, joining hands in a large circle (they needed to make two circles there were so many kids) jumping around and having fun….and getting out of class for a couple of hours. They even had a little girl in a wheelchair going around with the kids with the help of an aid. Nice to see.

Today’s card is the exact opposite in style than yesterday’s steampunk card. I picked up a nice Sizzix die on sale at Michaels that had a bird and a swirl on it that I really liked but it also had a flower – of some kind! I decided to justify buying the die set I absolutely had to use all three of them. So, this is what I created with the flower-like die.

I have no idea what kind of a flower this is suppose to be so I dug through the stash and came up with that piece of background paper, a couple pieces of orange and some green and went for it. The card base is just a white square card. I layered the designer background paper, the white and the dark shiny brown leaving about 1/8” between each one. The flower was die cut and then I simply turned the inside swirls backwards and switched sides as that side of the paper was solid and not shiny. The leaves were die cut and placed behind the flower with one in the lower left corner that point up to the flower. Pointing it up keeps the eye in the card rather than going off the card if it pointed down. I wasn’t sure what to do with the ends of the flower but I had a scrap of the dark brown left over so punched out some circles and glued them on over top of the circles that were there. Any time I have bits of cardstock left over I get out two punches – the Martha Stewart fern punch if the cardstock is green, and a small flower punch if any other colour and I punch out as many of each as I can and dump them in a container. So that’s what I did here. The ferns went into a container and I punched out some brown and orange flowers and carefully pushed the large end of a stylus into the centre of each flower as it lay on an old mouse pad to give them some dimension and then glued them on. A large pearl was added to the middle of the flower and small ones to the small flowers and then the sticker sentiment in gold. It turned out okay and I just might use that die more than I thought I would.

Last night there was nothing on television that interested me (I’m not a big television watcher) so I decided to work on the purse I’m making. What a terrible pattern I used. I knew I would have to sew exactly ½” seams or nothing would fit and even though I’m sure I did that, it still didn’t fit together very well and I had to add a piece in the bottom to get it to work. Glad no body sees the bottom!

 That’s all for a Tuesday.





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