Thursday, May 22, 2014


Wow, two posts in one day! I realized tonight that I did not post some of my latest shots of the migratory birds. Birding season is about over except for the odd few and some shore birds.

This is one mean looking Heron! Not a great shot because he was deep in the bush and about 30 feet in the air. A lady had someone tell her about him and she pointed him out to us.  They usually sit by the edge of the water to catch fish and frogs so not sure why he was up that high. Just resting I guess.

This warbler was a long ways away as well but easily identified as a Canada Warbler

This female Blackburnian is almost as pretty as the male.

My best shot of the Black and White Warbler. They never sit still for long.

Mmmhh. Ants!

So tired?

It took a few people who were suppose to be experienced birders to decide what this bird was. Finally a fellow assured me it was an Eastern Wood-pewee in spite of the fact it was all grey and most of them around here have brownish backs....and this one is fluffy out his feathers which also confuses the issue as pewees are quite slim. Some species look so much alike it's a guessing game at times.

Same bird looking at me.
That's all for today. Birding season was short but did get a few great shots this year of some birds that I've missed other years.

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