Monday, July 14, 2014

Another Monday with a Family Scrapbook Layout

Another Monday; another day with rain forecasted that didn’t happen; another day with much cooler weather forecasted that didn’t happen either! It was cool at 8:00 this morning so about 10:00 we decided to head out for an hour’s walk. We didn’t bother taking water because it was cool and it was only an hour. Yikes, water would have been nice to have because it had gotten quite warm and was soon very hot and humid. We were both happy to get home and flaked out on the chairs on the front porch for awhile. It’s incredible how wrong the weather reporters are with all the fancy equipment available to them. I remember my father telling me about my maternal grandmother (who died when I was three) who could tell when it was going to rain by looking at the moon. She was Native Canadian from the Six Nation reserve which is where she learned it. She would tell him to get the hay off the field because the rain was coming in three days and he always believed her even when the weather report said no rain…and she was never wrong. The trouble was she never taught anyone else how to read the moon. A lost art for sure. Now people read their phones instead of the moon!!

I’ve been scrapbooking like crazy lately and I thought I’d share some layouts instead of a card today.

I love to get family photos anytime we are all together. The scalloped patterned paper was traced from a stencil from Hot Off the Press; layered on the wine paper and then I hand cut the wine paper about 1/8” from the green paper to leave a thin border. A piece of the left over green patterned paper was then placed on the end of the opposite page. The title started out as beige coloured blah letters and I sponged alcohol inks on them to get that lovely wine colour. 
 I like to run a black archival ink pen along the edges of the photos. It really does make a difference on how the photos stand out.

Below are the individual pages.

 These pages are part of the Christmas pages and their names are all on those pages so I really didn't have to put names here.

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