Tuesday, July 15, 2014

An Outdoor Layout

We certainly enjoyed the play at Port Stanley this afternoon – The Bingo Ladies - very funny and excellent singers. It’s a long drive just to see a play but a lovely drive through the country so we enjoy it. We pretty much always take the back roads and hate the super highways.

Today’s post is another scrapbook layout.

I had these five photos of my hubby and wanted to put them on one page. I found the green paper with the brown leaves in the stash and it was double sided so plain brown on the reverse. Then I found the plain green right with it so it likely came in the same pack. The title and other bits were left over from an “All Most Done” kit from Hot Off the Press.

So, I mounted the photos on the brown paper and then mounted them on a piece of plain green. When I laid it on top of the green with brown leaves I decided it needed something else to separate the two papers. So being the thrifty type I didn’t want to waste another whole piece of paper to put behind the green one so I cut 1/3” strips from the left over brown paper and added them under the edge of green paper and right to the end of the patterned paper. And yes, the centre of the patterned paper was cut out and saved for another project. Why leave it there when it’s covered up?? And now you know why my “stash” never seems to go down!

I made small slices in the paper embellishments and ran a flat grosgrain ribbon through them, tying them at the end. I think it added a bit of a rustic touch.  After I cropped the photos and added them to the brown backing, I noticed that the building behind Joe was actually a washroom and the sign on the washroom door was pretty large so that’s where I added a tag! Always check your layouts for boo boos or unwanted signs or even people, and place a tag or embellishment over them.

 That’s all for a Tuesday,


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