Thursday, July 3, 2014


I’m tired. TIRED I tell you. The fellow who lives behind us sometimes leaves his television blaring all night and last night was one of those nights. I could hear it even with the window closed so about 2:30 I gave up and went and slept on the couch in the TV room. I need my 8 hours and I didn’t get it last night. I did a reverse address search on the Internet today and I have his name and phone number and if he leaves it blaring tonight, he’ll be getting a phone call!

Congrats to eagle eye Jinxxxygirl (aka a regular follower of my blog and a creative artist who noticed that some of the numeral numbers on the large clock are wrong on yesterday's card. Personally, if I don’t say there is an error I don’t think the recipient will notice. A lot of people do not know the roman numerals anymore – including the person who designed the stamp obviously!

I wish I could reply directly to people who leave a comment on my blog but blogger didn’t give me that option and I have not been able to figure out how to add it. If anyone knows, please leave me the instructions in the comment section! Thanks.

Today’s card was made using a $1.20 stamp from Hot Off the Press (aka Paper Wishes). I love these little stamps.

The stamp set had the large and small dragonfly on it plus the sentiment. The blue paper also came from Paper Wishes. The small dragonfly was stamped five times; the large one once on the blue paper with black ink. The large one was also stamped on a piece of white velum with shiny blue ink and was then cut out and placed over the stamped black image with only the middle bit glued down. The wings are left bent up a bit to give it some dimension. A large blue gem was then placed between the wings. The sentiment was stamped and die cut with a Cuttlebug label and attached with fancy ribbon.

That’s all from a tired blogger!

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jinxxxygirl said...

Whew! That took a little bit... Okay I have a step by step for you...
On my blog.. i have to assume its the same for you... Top right click on 'Design'. Then you will have a list of options on the left side.
Click on 'Settings'. That will pop up more options right underneath 'Settings' . Click on' mobile+email' . Now look on that page that came up and you will see where it says 'Comment Notification Email and a box off to the side of it. Put your email that you want the comments to go to in that box Then on the upper righthand side of the page you will see a button that says 'Save Settings'... There! See if that doesn't work. If you like send me an email when you think you have it set up right and i will leave you a comment. I will be away from the house until this evening but i will get back with you.

Yeeeahhh i got it right!! So funny I've been working with roman numerals on a piece of art at the same time you posted this. lol. I had to say i had a little trouble remembering them all when doing my art work. But i wanted the roman numerals because i thought it made the clock look more antique..

ONe more thing about the blogger and the comment/email thing... Blogger is having some trouble and not all comments show up in my email... i don't know why . It started a few weeks ago... You show up in my email but probably 2-3 people who regularly comment never show up on my email. Silly..So hopefully this will work for you. Hugs! deb

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