Friday, August 15, 2014

I'm Baaaaaack and with a Card

I’m Baaaaaack! Wow what a busy week we’ve had. We usually only have the boys for one solid week at a time once a year and the rest of the time it’s just the two of us here. Two energetic little boys sure fill a house with love and laughter but they sure are tiring. We decided to take them on a little mini holiday this time and stayed in a motel with an indoor pool which they loved. The week was colder than average and it rained hard off and on two days but we had fun anyway. Can’t let a little rain stop us – you just have to have fun around it. They are so much fun and so well behaved they are a pleasure to spend time with. They are so polite that several wait staff and clerks commented on it. It’s rather sad actually that so many kids are rude and disrespectful anymore that polite kids are a minority and get noticed…but at least they were our kids!

One of the fun things we did was to take them to Fort Malden where they got to dress up like British soldiers and learned to “about face” and how to load an old gun (wooden gun that is). Seth is 7 and just wasn’t quite on track and he was so funny turning the wrong way and his gun waving around (good job some people can duck quickly) that he had the entire crowd laughing hysterically. Here are the boys in their uniforms. I tried to upload the video I had of them but blogger wouldn't upload it.

Last Friday Stamping Bella posted the week’s challenge so I immediately went downstairs and made a card for it and sent it to her. I just knew with how busy we would be with the boys that card making would not be getting done once they arrived.

I needed another anniversary card and I love this Stamping Bella stamp. This time I coloured it mostly with my alcohol markers but shaded with Prismacolor pencils. The brown paper is from the stash and it matched his suit perfectly so that was nice. The card itself is from a .99 pack from Michaels. I just ran some blue ink over the edges to bring out the already embossed areas. I decided it needed a little something more so I ignored the sketch a bit and added the blue ribbon and pearls at the top left.

Another cold weekend coming up but hopefully we’ll get at least a short bike ride in.

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jinxxxygirl said...

Well i've missed you!!! Looks like you've had a wonderful time though!It is sad about kids these days and their behavior....I have to agree with you on that all the way. Somewhere along the way i think parents forgot how to parent..... anyway....

Its HOT here .....mid 90's... i wish fall would hurry up already!! :) An early fall would not hurt my feelings... LOVE your card. That stamp is special! Hugs! deb

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