Monday, September 29, 2014

Under the Weather

No, I’m not under the weather but I made a few cards for people who are and I have posted some down below!

It was an absolutely gorgeous weekend here with temperatures in the mid 70’sF and no cold wind blowing. We enjoyed a 25.5km bike ride on Saturday and a walk through Canatera Park on Sunday…..and then out for Chinese Food! All this exercise despite the fact that I'm having a rare arthritic attack to my right knee (at least I assume that is what it is)....which is quite odd seeing it is the left knee that has been damaged and I wear a knee brace on it to walk or bike. Saturday and Sunday I had a brace on both knees - so I wore long pants! Gotta keep the joint moving or it will seize up!  It's actually feeling better today so I guess moving it helped.

Today was my annual dentist check up……..yes, another ChaChing…but at least I have some coverage for this one. Things were going great and the hygienist was telling me how good everything looked and then she touched a filling – touched it – and it fell out. Okay, that was a first for me! Sure glad it didn’t fall out over the weekend! This poor tooth has been filled many times and the dentist is not sure he can fill again – not much tooth left! I told him I would worry about that when it happens and not before – no use borrowing trouble before you have to. But here is the second surprise – because the filling fell out at his office during an examination, he refilled it at no charge! Nice! So other than that one filling falling out, everything else is good for another year!

Last week I mentioned I got on a roll making Get Well and Thinking of You cards. I decided to stamp or print the images multiple times, colour them all at once and make similar cards – similar but not the same. Here is one card out of three similar ones. The images were all coloured with my alcohol makers.

For the blue card I matched a piece of left over blue to go behind the Spellbinder fancy label. The background is three pieces of left over paper glued together. I love using up left over bits for backgrounds. It adds interest instead one large piece, and it reduces the stash. The circle was added with a dimensional glue dot to give it some height.

Once again, I matched her clothes with some purple paper and used the same Spellbinder die to die cut them but this time I die cut the purple with the larger die than I used on the image.

Yes, I matched up the green clothes with some green paper as well and because the image was glued more towards the bottom of the card I added the circle near the top.

All three cards have different sayings inside as well.

Thunderstorms predicted tonight and tomorrow so I don’t think I’ll be going far tomorrow. 

That’s all for a fall Monday,



jinxxxygirl said...

Fall weather where art thou??? LOL! Its in the 80's here for most of the week then 90's predicted over the weekend.....uuughh.... Please let summer give up soon! :) Love your did a great job coloring them! Hugs! deb

aquafit said...

nice cards ! I have not had any time for them lately.

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