Thursday, October 2, 2014

Donations for a Church Fund Raiser

The summer-like weather is coming to a brutal end starting tonight…..and to add insult to injury, they are predicting two days of rain. The farmers have been working like crazy trying to get their crops off and this is not what they need right now. Joe had to cut the grass yet again today and I did some of the fall clean up. Cleaning up in the fall is no where near as much fun as planting in the spring! I watered the garden too which Joe thought was a waste of time seeing it is calling for rain but I figured if I watered today, we won’t get rain; but if I don’t, we will…so I’m trying to buy the farmers some more time.

Joe’s cousin who brings us all the organic veggies is looking after the fund raising auction at their church. Last year I donated some Christmas stockings and some other things to them but this year I decided to donate two small slate paintings and a mixed media piece. They go to a small country church with a small congregation so I don’t mind helping them out.

Here are the two paintings.

Nothing too complicated but cute and I hope someone buys them. They are irregular in shape because they are broken pieces of slate that a friend of mine gifted me. They were painted with acrylic paint and then a couple coats of varnish were brushed over the top to seal them.
 And then this piece I just finished last night:

The cousin also brought me some wood pieces left over from carpentry jobs he did and he figured I could “do something” with them! He can’t believe what I do with odds and ends. I decided to use one of his pieces and give it back to him – but altered! So this piece is about 4” wide and about 13” high. It is indeed a mixed media piece. Lots of layers of cardstock, stencils, stamps, paint and ink. Then the tree branches were added at the top by mixing up stencil paint and paint and spreading in on over a stencil and letting it dry. The tombstones, ghost, bats, and owl were Sizzix dies and the haunted house is from a Quick Kutz die. I wanted the owl to be sitting on a branch so I took a piece of brown cardstock and ripped it into a branch shape, painted it dark brown to match the other branches and twisted it into shape. Then the owl was glued to it and then all glued to the wood. Not sure if this is anybody else’s cup of tea but hopefully someone will buy it.

That’s all for a Thursday,


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