Friday, October 24, 2014

Beautiful Fall Colours

Three beautiful fall days in a row here in Ontario….very cold at night; close to freezing actually…but it warms up to the high 60’s by afternoon. After running some errands and a visit with the sister-in-law we decided we still had time to go for a walk. We chose to go to Paxton’s bush this time which is a short walk so we did it twice. The leaves were in full fall colour and were falling fast. At one point where they were quite thick I said to Joe, “Time to release your inner child!” and shuffled through the leaves….he just gave me that ‘you’ve got to be kidding’ look and shook his head. I needled him a bit about it but he refused to shuffle; however, about 10 minutes later I heard the sound of shuffling leaves; looked over at him and he grinned! We all have an inner child but it takes a bit longer for some to escape…not with me, I refuse to grow up!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted a scrapbook layout so I decided it was time for one. This one is about my grandsons trying on Halloween costumes.

 This made a nice two page layout; with Seth on the left; Jack on the right. Jack wanted to be Harry Potter so I made the cape with hood. He wanted the crest just like Harry had on his cape so it took a little figuring but I made it. He absolutely loved it. His parents found him the crooked stick to use and just before Halloween his dad found the round glasses too so he was all set. The journaling was done on the computer on white cardstock and then I sponged Halloween colours around them and then drew the wavy, crooked line. On Jack’s I added the wizard sticker. I didn’t actually make Seth’s costume that year as he was going to use one of Jack’s prior ones but I happened to find this black cape and wizard hat at the thrift store, new still in the package for about $3.00 I think and I knew he would love it for their dress-up box…and I was right. That boy has a ‘million dollar’ smile! The paper is from the stash as is the title lettering so I have no idea who make them. In the stash was a strip of black paper with white shiny dots. By adding a bit between the two last photos on the right and a bit on the bottom on the left; combined with the shiny title, it created the good old invisible triangle that keeps the eye moving around the page….love I when I achieve that!

Here are the two pages close up.

Hoping to get more walks in this weekend and here’s wishing everyone a happy, safe weekend (yeah, still reeling from the sad event in Ottawa).


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jinxxxygirl said...

Love your layout Violet. What cute little boys! And i envy your Fall walk with your hubby. All hubby has on his brain right now is his attempt to retire. We haven't been doing or saying much else.... Kick around a few leaves for me! Hugs! deb

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