Thursday, October 9, 2014

"Thank You! Thank You Verra Much"

 Who said "Thank you verra much" all the time - find out at the end of the post.

Well I spent the day working on my grandson’s Halloween costume. This kid never seems to pick a costume that there is a pattern for! I thought this time he did but once again, I was wrong. He just wanted a large, loosely fitting red coat with a hood and a symbol of a comic book hero on the back. I found a pattern that I thought was pretty close to what he wanted and cut it out. Hmmm. First problem….why am I putting both the back and the front on the fold? Then I read the instructions – which I seldom use by the way – oh, oh, this is not a coat it is more like a monk’s dress and the neck line is gathered to fit over the kid’s head. This is not what his action hero wears so this has to change.  Okay so I cut the front open. Okay, then I had to figure out how to gather the neckline still and add a closure. Oh, oh! another problem: The hood actually belongs to this little cape like thing that went over the other part, and not attached to what I just cut out. I’ll worry about attaching that later. This went on and on all day. I would figure out one problem and it would create another. One thing I am, is stubborn and I hate to give up on something so I kept at it….and it is all done except the bottom and sleeve hems and sewing on the buttons. I’ll do that tomorrow….I need to step away from it for awhile. I thought this project would be done in an afternoon – HAH!

My spell and grammar check needs an upgrade. It tried to change “why am I” to “why is I” and “I need to step away” to “I needs to step away”. Why is I???? Hoo boy, that’s the way my day has gone!

Today I’m posting two cards with the same image but different backgrounds. I found this Elvis silhouette on the Internet and decided to use it in a thank you card. I’m a BIG, BIG, BIG Elvis fan so I just couldn’t resist.

These were printed out on my ink jet printer so I just sponged Distress Ink Mustard seed around the image and then the blue around the edge while the image was still in the Spellbinder rectangle die – this leaves that nice white border. They were then glued to another rectangle.  For the first card I took one patterned paper and one sold blue joined them together and then cut them down to card size. The silver lines are Dazzles (stickers from Paper Wishes) and so is the sentiment. I decided to put the sentiment on an angle to offset the microphone….besides it looked kind of funky. 

For the second card I used the rest of that patterned paper, plus a strip and a circle that were left over from other cards and another sentiment but this time I put it on almost straight. I think I like the slanted one better but oh well. The inside of the card will say, “Thank you! Thank you verra much!” which is what Elvis used to drawl after the applause. Only a die hard Elvis fan will get this but oh well, I like them.

That is all for a Thursday,


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