Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Wet and Windy...and a Halloween Card

Wet and windy day here today. We did manage to get a walk in this afternoon but it was a very short walk…about 50 minutes only….and we just made it home when the rain started again. Turned out to be a very quick rain shower but we didn’t bother going back out. It was so windy at times I could hardly move forward and let me tell you when those dried leaves fly up and hit your face, those tiny hard stems feel like a needle hitting you..ouch! So it was back to the quilting after the walk.

Yesterday I received the stamps I ordered from the now American Stamping Bella Company. The shipping charges charged $13.99 U.S. and the actual shipping cost $3.54 U.S. for 1st class postage. Okay! I won’t say any more about that….just thought I’d mention it to prove my point from previous postings.

Halloween is fast approaching and I made the three youngest grandchildren Halloween cards. Here’s Jack’s.

This was made with a Tim Holtz embossing folder that I picked up on sale at the Paper Pickle (our local scrapbooking store) a week or so ago. At first I wasn’t going to bother with it but then I decided I could use it for more than just for Halloween and went for it. I think it would make a nice birthday card for a man…like my son-in-law who loves crows…or if I just cut out the embossed crow and add a tag that says “Just a note” it would be a good thinking of you card. Lots of options once you think out side the box. But this time it’s a Halloween card and I simply embossed a piece of black cardstock and ran silver ink over the entire embossed areas. This made it look almost like metal. I hit just a few spots with white ink as well. There is a blank spot down at the bottom right so I embossed the word Spooky in white embossing powder. This is likely the quickest Halloween card I’ve ever made.

And that would be all for a Tuesday,


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jinxxxygirl said...

Well we are expecting rain Friday!!! 90% chance so one can only hope we will get more than a sprinkle. :) I cannot wait to see what stamps you got! Love the crow card. It does look like metal! Hugs! deb

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