Monday, December 22, 2014

It's Beginning to Look Like a......

….green Christmas! That’s right folks. Here in this part of Ontario the grass is as green as it is in September without any chance of snow for Christmas. People are right when they say that it “doesn’t seem like Christmas” when there is no snow…not when you are used to it anyway. The temperatures have been right around the freezing mark for several days in a row as well which is a big change from last year when we had way below average temperatures. Hope it stays this way too!

I’m still quilting away in the afternoons because we liked to walk in the mornings. I finally see a bit of improvement on the sore throat so I opted to go for a walk with hubby today. I only walked an hour but that was enough for today.

So, seeing as this is looking like a green Christmas I found a card that was all done in shades of green and I’m posting it today.

I love this frog stamp. It’s one of my favourites and such a fun stamp for a boy’s birthday card. Now we grandmas like to give a card to a non-birthday sibling if they are very young at the same time the birthday person gets a card so I like to keep a few on hands that would fit that occasion too and this one does just that. It will work for either. This time I coloured the image with alcohol markers. For the background piece on the right, I took several shades of left over green paper and cut them into strips of various widths and then taped them together on an angle, then cut them to the size of the card base. I added a solid green on the left side and glued a ribbon down the seam. The rectangles were cut with the Spellbinder Card Creator set and then I added some green buttons, also from my stash. The sentiment is from Hot Off the Press, I think. The blue around the image is chalk.

I’ve shut down quilting operations for the night. My shoulders are sore from hunching over the machine. I keep telling myself now to do that but myself does not appear to be listening. I’m off now to shower and then watch “It’s a Wonderful Life”….for about the 30th or 40th time!

That’s all for a Monday,




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