Friday, December 19, 2014

One Last Christmas Card

Here’s a few updates:

I’m still quilting as fast as I can to get as many quilts done as I can but I ran into a small problem this afternoon. All of a sudden my sewing machine started acting weird. First the thread was unravelling around the needle after only stitching about a foot so I thought I needed a new needle; didn’t help; in fact it quit stitching altogether. I changed the needle three time and the thread and bobbin three times; would not stitch. I called our local BabyLock dealer, R.B. Fabrics, and Rick, the owner and sewing machine repairer was in and he asked me to bring it in right away. It was after 4:00 but I took it right up and he was able to fix the bobbin carriage – again – but warned me that it will soon have to be replaced – cha ching! – over $100 for one. Unfortunatley while he was testing the machine the needle hit the foot, bent the needle and broke the foot! AAHHHGG my favourite 1/4” foot broken! He has no idea why it did that and didn’t know if the foot was split and it broke first or not but he had another one in stock and replaced it – free of charge. In fact, he didn’t even charge me for fixing the sewing machine either. I offered to pay half the cost of the foot but he cut me off and said no charge and Merry Christmas! Nice! Got back home and was able to finish another quilt!

Sore throat update – I thought it was a wee bit better today and I had almost a normal voice instead of sounding like I had laryngitis but by supper time it was getting sorer and it’s quite sore tonight and no voice again…(insert big sigh here). Hopefully it’s just a minor set back.

Winnings – I mentioned that I won the Tim Holtz fabric and some goodies from Pink Fresh Studio and $70 worth of ribbon from May Arts. Well, the embellishments from Pink Fresh were fine – a little too much pink for someone with 4 grandsons but I may use them when I get around to scrapping my daughter’s early years. It was the ribbon that I found amusing. When I was told I had won $70 worth of ribbon I was picturing, 40, maybe even 50, spools of ribbon. Here’s what I received:

Yes, three rolls. It is very nice ribbon but obviously I’m used to buying ribbon from the dollar stores or the $1 bin at Michaels! This ribbon has adhesive on the back so that’s why it costs more but wow, is that expensive ribbon. The banner shaped one is actually navy blue and the aqua one is very pretty and I’ll use them for sure. Here’s a close up of the aqua one.

The sequin heart ribbon roll costs $30.00 retail; the other two must cost $20.00 each. I’m not sure I’ll ever use the heart ribbon and it may very well get donated. I don’t make valentine cards. I did try die cutting them and I put the experiments beside the roll but they really didn’t die cut that well.
Christmas Card Update:
I thought I had posted all my Christmas cards but I forgot about this one. Last Sunday those of us, who are part of the Church’s pastoral care team, take the poinsettias from the sanctuary to deliver to the shut-ins that we visit. On Saturday night it dawned upon me that I had not made any cards for the people I visit at a nearby nursing home so I went down to the lower studio and got to work. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I seldom ever make two cards the same but the nursing home residents are the exception. I always make their cards exactly the same each year. Here’s what I came up with this year.

It didn’t photograph very well but it was the only photo I took and I was in a hurry to get the poinsettias delivered. This was made from a Cuttlebug embossing folder and I just embossed the very front of the card base. I added glitter to each snowflake and the roof tops of all the houses. The sentiment was stamped lightly with light silver ink (sentiment from Hero Arts) and then I went over it with a silver sparkle pen from Sakura. The ladies loved them! I don’t have any men to visit right now but this would have done fine for them too if I had any.

This really is the last Christmas card to post this year. I’ll start making them again in January for next year though.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and that’s all for a Friday,


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jinxxxygirl said...

I'm so sorry your still not up to snuff...I'll be Joe misses hearing your voice. :) I have LOVED seeing all your Christmas cards this year. You inspire me so much to make cards all year for Christmas but right now i have a huge stash of Christmas cards i found at an Estate sale so i'll be going thru them for a year or two or three... :) I love the simplicity of this latest card you made. Glitter in all the right places. :) Hugs! deb

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