Friday, January 30, 2015

From Stripes to Squares

Yay, its Friday. Oh wait, I’m retired so do I really care? No, not really. As the saying goes, once you are retired it’s like having 6 Saturdays and then a Sunday. Very, very cold today and even colder tomorrow so not sure I’ll do much outdoors except try to get a walk in if I can.

I thought I’d end the week with another quilt. I made this one for my grandson, Joven.

Believe it or not, the fabric in this quilt started out as stripes! Yes, stripes. I bought about 3 metres of it on sale thinking I would use it for the back of a quilt. Then I looked at it one day and wondered what would happen if I cut four identical 6 ½” squares and sewed them into one large square. Sure enough, it formed wonderful square patterns. It was a wee bit time consuming making sure that I cut four exact 6 1/2" squares and I wanted a wide variety so I just kept moving the ruler from one spot to another. It turned out better than I though actually and he loved it. Here he is with the quilt showing it to his father and one of him hugging his grandma!


He's a great kid!
Have a wonderful weekend everyone.




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