Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Scrappy Quilt

Sick! The dreaded cold has invaded my body and I’m feeling quite ….well, sick! I actually laid down and had over an hour’s nap this afternoon and that is not something I normally do but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. It didn’t help much…..I didn’t wake up refreshed at all. So after supper I took a nice hot shower….that didn’t help for long either..….I’m still tired. The grocery store had 16 boxes of Kleenex on sale last time we got groceries and I bought it….and hubby laughed ….he’s not laughing now!
Man, my nose is running like a faucet left open….I know, too much information….but misery loves company!

Anyway, not motivated to share much today but here is a quilt I recently completed for my youngest daughter.


 I think the pattern is called “Cross Roads” and it uses a lot of scraps. Once I had it completed I decided it was too small so I added the blue border and then the scrappy piano key border with a solid blue cornerstone. The binding all around the edge is the same blue fabric. She loved it. It looks complicated but is actually a very easy quilt to make.

That’s all from a sick blogger on a Tuesday,  




1 comment:

jinxxxygirl said...

Aaaaww my poor sick Violet! Well its bound to happen sometime or other... Sleep and hot showers ...sounds like good medicine to me. Take care of yourself. I'll be thinking about you!! Hugs! deb

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