Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Spring Like Day - Finally

It looked like such a nice day today and I was too sick to get out enjoying it. So nice to see people walking down the sidewalk in just sweaters; no heavy coats; no scarves; no hats; no gloves….boots were the choice of most though because of the melting snow. Of course, there are a few kids, mostly boys, walking past with just T-shirt on but that’s kids for you. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get out for awhile.

Today’s card is one I made using a photo of a butterfly that I took. Photography is also one of my hobbies.

When I cropped the photo in Photoshop I added the sentiment across the top of it. I had that piece of green paper that was already torn sitting in the stash and the photo looked good one it so I went with that. I added the gold peel-off sentiment and gold strips under it and some under the sentiment on the photo. The background paper was also in the stash as was the ribbon. Love it when all bits and pieces from various sources look good together.

That’s all from a spring-like day in Ontario on a Wednesday.


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