Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Cold Day but a Pair of Warm Cards

This day didn’t start out very well for two reasons – 1) It was COLD this morning. Joe says he heard on the radio that this may be recorded as the coldest day ever for April 23…it never got up above 2C (about 37F) all day. 2) I must have set the temperature wrong on the microwave and my oatmeal boiled over into the microwave potholder the bowl was sitting in. I eat oatmeal with fruit about 5 or 6 times a week so you would think I would know how to set the microwave by now. I’ve had a sinus headache for two days now so I’m blaming it on that. A trip to the chiropractor this morning to get my back adjusted was just what I needed for the sinus headache too because he zaps my pressure points and headache gone.

I did more scrapbooking this afternoon. Another reason I’m doing each layout faster is because I put a lot of the pictures on collage sheets so no more measuring and cutting and moving individual pictures around. They are on the sheet and staying together. I won’t do them all that way but it is faster.

My day is not ending well either. I decided about 7:30 tonight to make myself some Craisin/oatmeal/walnut cookies to take with us when we go birding in May. As I was putting the cookies on the cookie sheet I thought they looked kind of gooey and soft and wondered how they would cook. I’ve never made these before but they sounded good. Well, it turns out I was reading the very small print on the back of the Craisin’s package and missed the flour! Hoo boy! We had very, very flat cookies. I dumped the ones on the second pan back into a clean bowl, did a guesstimate of how much flour it would need, mixed it up and backed them. They turned out okay. Now, I hate to waste anything so I peeled off a bit of the flat cookie and tried it. Mmmhhh Not bad. Sweet, but tasty. So, I scrapped them all off and once they were in the container it looked like granola – not healthy granola but it does contain Craisins, walnut and oatmeal! Such is life!

I do have a card to post…two of them actually.

These were both made the same way. I stamped the dragonflies on white cardstock using Versamark and then heat set white embossing powder over them. Once they cooled I sponged various Distress Inks over them and then stamped the sentiments. Then I splattered red ink over the entire card.  I wanted a little bling so I wrapped the sparkly thread around the middle of the cards. One card was placed on blue paper before adding it to the card base; one was added as it was to the card base. I love this technique and so many stamps work well for it.

That’s all for a cold Thursday,


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