Monday, April 27, 2015

A Grungy Masculine Card

Well the weekend sure didn’t start out very well and was too cold for the rest of it to suit me! Friday night I went down to do some more scrapbooking and I switched glasses (I need bifocals for everyday use but very strong prism glasses for reading or any other close work - another problem caused by brain surgery) and when I went to move the case I looked down and one of the lenses was sitting all by itself! Oh no! Of course Imperial Eyewear was closed by this time until Saturday so I thought at first I would be out of luck but luckily I had kept my last pair of glasses and although the prescription is a little less I could use them. So not a disaster but another problem I could have done without! Then the cold wind came back Saturday and Sunday which meant I was grounded for doing anything out of doors. Joe cut the grass but the flower beds are still waiting for me to clean up. I did get lots of scrapbooking done though. I tried sewing last night but it triggered more spasms so I had to quit again. Today I went to London with my sister who had yet another doctor appointment so even though I just sat in the car and sat at the hospital waiting for her, I’m tired. It’s supposed to warm up a bit this week so I’m hoping to get out hiking. So I had a pretty unimpressive weekend. Hope yours was better than mine!

Today’s card is another masculine card.

The happy birthday was die cut out of the dark blue. I measured where the dark blue would start on the light blue and made a light mark. Then I ran the light blue through the Tim Holtz gears embossing folder leaving the area lower than the mark out of the folder. This just embossed the top portion. Then I ran dark blue ink on a sponge lightly over the top just hitting some of the embossed areas, but not all, and some darker than others. I wanted the grungy look. These are quick cards to make but very impressive.

That’s all for a cool Monday,


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