Friday, August 7, 2015

A Five Photo Layout

Yet another lovely day here in Ontario and the weekend looks the same…..for now anyway. Lots of rain expected for Monday so we are hoping it doesn’t arrive on Sunday instead. This was just grocery and errand day so not much to report. We have been just picking up our fruit and veggies at the fruit stands and popping into a grocery store for a few things to tide us over and the cupboards were getting a little bare. Time to stock up!

This is Friday so it’s a scrapbook layout day. Here’s a 5 photo layout.

Janette and Ross took Finn to my other daughter’s house for them to get to see him. They live over 6 hours apart.  The background is one 12x12 paper and the strips were added to the top to hold the title. The title was die cut with alphabet dies with each letter die cut twice – one in white, one in blue and then glued together but offside so the white looks like a shadow. This was a simple grid with the four outside photos being the same size, and the middle one longer with room for journaling below and above it. The edges of each photo was inked with black ink and then glued to a navy base, leaving just a hint of blue showing. The title letters were made from the left over blue cardstock. The stars, tags and other embellishments were die cut from cardstock using the colours from Finn’s hat and bib. A white gel pen was used to add dots and dashes to some of the embellishments.

That’s all for a Friday, August-07-15. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.


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