Tuesday, August 4, 2015

A Negative Peel-Off Card

Blue skies, nothing but blue skies…….well, except for the storm clouds that came and went about 2:00 without leaving any rain behind…and then back to blue skies, nothing but blue skies….man, I love these summer days. Some place east of us must have gotten a good soaking this afternoon but nothing here. Today was a little more productive than yesterday. I didn’t sleep well Sunday night with all the thunderstorms coming through every hour and waking me up…..I can’t believe Joe can sleep through them, but he does. I attempted to make four new greeting cards yesterday and I only like one of them. The others are just in the “okay” category but I expect more than that. Joe says I’m “highly critical” of my own work and he’s probably right. Last night I gave up on the card making and decided to paint the milk can that has been sitting in the corner for over a year. Here’s the first one I did a few years ago for someone else. The painting is of the original Blue Water Bridge in Sarnia from about 1960 or so. I found a post card from that era and used that as a guide. It's what he wanted so that's what he got. That area sure has changed now!

After we went to the fruit stand for our supply of fruits and veggies I went back to the painting of the milk can. It’s coming but a long way from being done.

Today’s card is one I made quite awhile ago and forgot to post.

The car is a peel-off, aka a Dazzle, from Paper Wishes and it is the negative part of the peel-off. To use the negative piece you have to cut around it leaving about a 1/8” border; then you put the transfer sheet over it; rub to adhere; and peel it off the sheet it comes on. Once it was peeled off it was set on a piece of brown paper and then I cut around the edges. The light brown paper was die cut using a Spellbinder’s die and to make the edges more pronounced I ran a gold pen around the edge creating a border. It was placed over the charcoal paper and the car was then glued to the insert. This panel was then glued to the brown striped panel and then glued to the black card base. Lots of layers on this one. The three little embellishments came with the Dazzle sheet. The sentiment is also a peel-off but I’m not sure which company it came from.

That’s all for a lovely Tuesday,


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jinxxxygirl said...

The weatherman is giving us a 60% shot at some rain tonight and tomorrow...cross your fingers , toes, and eyeballs!

Love that milkcan Violet! Woman you are talented!!! Gosh i'm so itching to do some painting... I found 'TheArtSherpa' on YouTube and she just makes me want to paint and now seeing your milkcan makes me want to paint more...Infact i was strolling around Hobby Lobby today and had to stop myself from buying a canvas.... seriously where am i gonna paint right now???? uuughhh... Take care Violet! Hugs! deb

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