Friday, September 18, 2015

So Much Love......

I used to have a picture of the world hanging from a string and a pair of scissors from a magazine on my fridge that said, “Every time I think I’ve got the world by the string, someone shows up with a pair of scissors!” Things have been going pretty smoothly here but late last night I attempted to heat something up in the microwave and it died in a blaze of sparks! Wow, is that scary! I quickly opened the door to turn it off and unplugged it immediately. You don’t realize how often you actually use something until it’s gone. This morning I went to make my oatmeal and no microwave; Joe wanted a sandwich for lunch but the vegetarian luncheon meat called Tofurkey slices was in the freezer and it would take to long to thaw them out on the counter. After lunch we went out and bought another microwave.

Today’s card is another wedding card that I actually quite like.

Please ignore the grey colour – I forgot to turn on my OTT light when I took these photos so there is a bit of a shadow on some of them. Trust me, it is completely white. The stamp is a little .99 stamps that I’ve had for a long time. I coloured the male bird black for a tuxedo look and the “bird bride” had pearl Stickles spread over her back; then small rhinestones were added down their sides. The leaves and the branch were quickly coloured in with markers and chalk was sponged around the birds. The fancy circles were from three different Spellbinder die packs. The sentiment was from another .99 set and three more rhinestones were added to it as well.

The background is a piece of white cardstock that I ran through one of the new embossing folders I just bought at the Paper Pickle. It was ¼” smaller than the white card base. I wanted to accent and define the edge but the peel-off lines choices were silver or gold and I didn’t like either one. So I took three silver peel-off lines and placed them on an empty spot on another set and ran Ranger’s Alcohol Ink over the top to turn them blue. They really do add to the card I think. If you have silver peel-offs and alcohol inks you can make them any colour you want.

That’s all for a rainy Friday, September-18-15! Have a wonderful weekend everyone.




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jinxxxygirl said...

Its scary just when you mistakenly put something with metal on it in the microwave... you know like a metal trim...I'm sure the death of your computer was quite the blaze of glory!!! :) I felt the same way when our water was out for a couple days... I couldn't wash clothes or scrub the floor or the dishes... or take a shower... It was a paint just to wash up or brush our teeth... So funny how these conveniences pervade our lives... Once our microwave went out right around Valentines Day.. Guess what i got for valentines day??? This was at a time when money was extremely tight so it might sound funny but i was mighty glad to have that microwave for Valentines Hugs! deb

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