Monday, September 21, 2015

Sun Dogs and a Card

Another busy weekend for us. On Saturday we decided to walk downtown, have lunch out and then view the antique fire trucks that were on display – Ooops, it’s raining! Okay, so we drove down hoping it would stop raining. We made a run to the restaurant for lunch and just made it inside when it started to pour. We waited it out while we ate and it did stop long enough for us to walk up and down the entire area. The old vehicles were great to see. They even had some that were horse drawn! Joe and I figured by the time they harnessed a horse, backed it into the cart and attached it, the fire would be too well established to put it was probably just used to stop it from spreading?  Interesting for sure. Here's a photo of it.
Sunday was a beautiful day so we had what could be our last bike ride at Rondeau. The wind gets a bit cool this time of the year and that is one of my the quickest thing to trigger off my trigeminal neuralgia so we’ll likely just hike after this….unless there is no wind of course. On the way home from Rondeau I spotted a sundog. Have you ever seen one? Here’s a picture I took with my cell phone.

Look in the centre to see that spot of bright red and yellow…that’s one sundog. There are always two, one on both sides of the sun, the same distance away but sometimes the clouds get in the way so you only see one. A friend of ours left Rondeau just before us and I know she takes a different route home so I e-mailed her and sure enough, she saw both of them. It was the first time Joe had ever seen one. I made him pull over and get out of the car to see it as it may be the last one he ever sees. It doesn't happen that often.

Today’s card is a sympathy card that I made with those butterfly peel-offs that change colour when you place them on coloured cardstock.

I never know what colour they will change. When I placed them on black, they turned bright green so I wasn’t sure what to expect when I decided to put them right onto that polka dot paper but I quite liked it. This was such a quick card to make. The green polka dot paper came with those white swirls already printed on so I just cut it smaller than the card base so a ¼” white edge showed.

The ribbon was glued around each corner before I glued it to the card base. Then   the peel-off butterfly was attached. The sentiment is also a peel-off and it is on a Spellbinder die cut label. I left the label in the die and pounced some light green ink around the edge. It is popped up with dimensional glue dots.

That’s all for another lovely Monday, September-21-15,






jinxxxygirl said...

Love all the details on that butterfly Violet! I HAVE seen a sundog... hubby hadn't seen one either... then i showed him one in CA....I'm not sure he really believed me that they were called sundogs... they are caused by the sun shining thru ice crystals in the upper atmosphere.... so cool.... Everything has to be just right to see one.... I'm so glad Joe got to see one... They are rare and therefor special :)

I just sent you an email Violet with my email and snailmail addy... If you don't get it i will send you a note by snail mail and give it to you! :) Hugs! deb

aquafit said...

I have made a card like this one already and gave it away to. It
comes together quickly, the longest time was finding paper I LIKED FOR IT.

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