Friday, October 9, 2015

A Postcard

It was a cool damp day here in Ontario. We had some pounding rain last night and I don’t think the sun came out at all today. It’s going to be a cold Saturday too. Last night I felt a cold coming on and although it’s not too bad, it’s still there. Hopefully I can keep fighting it off.

We watched the Blue Jays lose to Texas this afternoon. The game went on for over 5 hours but my Blue Jays just couldn’t get the job done. There is no way they are going to win two games in Texas so I think the season is over. However, I did get a lot of images coloured while watching the game. I’m way behind in my Christmas cards so I concentrated on those images today.

Today’s post is not a card, but a postcard. I made this for a blogger friend, Deb (, who moved from California to Arkansas. Check out her blog. She’s an amazing artist.

I can’t tell you exactly how I made this because I really don’t keep track. It started out as a piece from a cereal box, covered with gesso and then paint to cover up the graphics. The way to get lots of depth is to do some stamping; add a thin layer of paint or ink; add some more stamps or paint through a stencil; another layer of a paint; over and over until you like what you have. The house was made from cardstock and glued on with Mod Podge. The hearts were punched out of red cardstock and then white dots were added by dipping a small stylus into white paint. Then I added more dots in clusters of three around the postcard. The sentiment was from a stencil I have. First I mixed black acrylic paint in to texture paste and then spread it over the stencil. This had to dry overnight as it is quite thick. Once it was dry, a final coat of Mod Podge was added over top to protect it a bit. It has arrived in Arkansas so that was a relief!

That’s all for a cool Friday, October-09-15. This Monday is our Canadian Thanksgiving so Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian readers. Have a wonderful long weekend.





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jinxxxygirl said...

And don't forget to put that Deb LOVED it!!!! :) I have watched many videos on giving depth to a piece like you did Violet but i have never tried it myself... I plan on giving it a go when i unpack. :)

How do you celebrate your Thanksgiving Violet? Do you have a big meal and family come over? Ours has morphed over the years... from living overseas and not celebrating much to living around family and having lots of people and food... now we are back to not much family around...

Its a cool 50 F degree start to our day... but should warm up nicely in the 70's.... Today i put insulation in the bathroom wall then i start tearing out sheetrock again around the front door and the big bay window where i take all my photos from.. getting close to being done with the walls... OOOOoooo Hugs! deb

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