Thursday, October 22, 2015

An Anniversary Card

What a lovely day it was here in Ontario! It gets quite cold at night but during the day it’s just lovely. Not much to report today so I’ll get right to the card. This is another “use up those old paper packs” card.

The corner treatment was only printed on one side so I simply trimmed off some of the left side so it would fit on a 5 ½” card base with just a bit of the white showing. There were some papers with a variety of the flowers printed on it so I took it and cut a couple of banners plus one beige one, also from the same pack. The blue trim across the top was also included in the back and it fit perfectly. The sentiment started out as a silver peel-off but I didn’t want to leave it silver so once again I pounced blue alcohol ink on it to change it to that lovely blue colour. A quick and easy card but I liked how it turned out.

That’s all for a lovely Thursday,




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