Monday, October 19, 2015

Feathers on a Card

The fall clean-up is 100% done! We had a couple good frosts on the weekend so it was time to get at the garden. It was very windy today but not very cold so it was actually quite pleasant working outside. Of course, before we tackled the garden we went and voted. If you are Canadian, please take the time to vote.

The garden looks so bare and forlorn – or is that just me that looks forlorn? Joe remarked about what a good job we did and I agreed and told him I would pat myself on the back for a job well done except I was too tired to it! He suggested we cut way back next year and at first I laughed but then it did sound like a good idea. We’ll see!

Today’s card is another one made with one of my new dies. Love this die and I’m so glad I bought it.

I’ve been trying to use up old 6” paper packs. This is where this paper came from – except for the brown which is just a left over piece but it looked great with the blue. As always, I like to add either a peel-off line or ribbon where two papers meet. This time I wanted a blue peel-off line and of course there isn’t any. So I took a silver line and the silver sentiment and pounced blue alcohol ink over them to change them from silver to blue. Two of the feathers were die cut with a Little B die out of water colour paper and then I wet them and let water colour paint flow together. The other one is a real feather that I found. This card would be good for a man or a woman.

 That’s all from a tired blogger on a windy Monday, October-19-15





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jinxxxygirl said...

Hi Violet!

No frosts here yet... thank goodness... But its been oh so dry... rain expected end of week...

I just love brown and blue together! Fabulous card! Cannot wait to get to card making. :) Headed to VA today in Fayetteville...Hub has some physical therapy on his shoulders... My sinuses are all a mess... couldn't sleep...uuughh..

We really haven't paid much attention to the outside of the house since we are tearing apart the inside... next year... :) Hugs! deb

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