Tuesday, December 22, 2015

A Black and White Christmas Card

The weather this year is so confusing! You just don’t know how to dress. At lunch time the weather was reported as 56F. Well, let me tell you, 56F in December is a lot colder than 56F in April! We had our usual hour+ walk after lunch – Joe had on a winter coat while I opted for a heavy sweater and my fall jacket. At times he was too hot and at times I was a bit cold. It was hood off; hood on; hood off over and over again too. Apparently it is now going to rain every day until next Tuesday! Oh well, at least we don’t have to shovel rain! The downside of this is that my brain disorders do not like it when the atmospheric pressure drops when it rains and I’m still under attack from them….especially at night and believe me, I need more beauty sleep than I’ve been getting!...so I hope it clears up soon.

The bright spot of the day was receiving a Christmas card from my daughter’s family because her 5 year old son, Finn, painted a card front for us, added a star in the sky and then glued it to a another piece of paper his mom folded in half for him. This boy loves art and crafts as well as music and sports….well rounded young man!

Today I’m featuring a black and white card made from my new Christmas stamp. However, when I buy stamps now, unless they are definitely Christmas, I try to make them work for other occasions. Come back tomorrow to see this same stamp used as a birthday greeting.


It was stamped with black archival ink on white cardstock and trimmed to size. The sentiment is from HOTP and stamped with the same ink. I didn’t start out thinking I was going to do a black and white card but it just kept going in that direction. I glued the stamped image to a piece of black cardstock. The background paper is from one of those .99 6” paper packs from Studio G you can find at Michaels. The ribbon is from my stash. I kept thinking it needed something at the top right and I placed a lot of different elements there and rejected every one of them. Then I decided to die cut a black snowflake and a smaller white snowflake and voilá it worked. A black gem was added to the middle. It still needed something else so I added the three black gems down the lower left and some black stars under the sentiment. The stars started out as silver but I ran a black thick BIC pen over them to turn them black……had to stay with the theme! I like how this card turned out but it will have to sit until next year to find a new home as all my cards have been mailed.

That’s all for a cool, damp Tuesday,





  1. I really do like this black and white card!

  2. I really do like this black and white Christmas card!

  3. My goodness Violet thats a gorgeous stamp! And a beautiful card you created. I'm not sure i would have thought of black and white for Christmas but its stunning!! Hugs! deb

  4. Lovely Christmas card! We also had some unusually warm weather on Christmas. In fact, I sat out on my garden swing on Christmas. I don't ever remember doing that before on Christmas day...

    I'm typing this 3 days after Christmas, and it's NO longer that warm here...
    today I needed my scarf and gloves...smile...


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