Thursday, December 3, 2015

How to FIx an Oops

This was a busy morning. We had a few errands of our own to do plus one for the sister-in-law and then Joe decided we should get groceries too. I had a friend coming at 1:00 to pick up the box of cards but we figured we would be back long before then. Fast forward to 12:30 and we just finished lunch – I treated Joe out to lunch for his birthday – and we still had to make one more stop on the way home. We arrived at 12:59 and my friend pulled in at 1:00 – whew! Close call!

I’m still quilting in the afternoons but there is no way I am going to get all 6 quilts completely done by Christmas. So, here’s my plan, I will make the 6 tops and show them to them at Christmas as their Christmas present. Then I’ll take them back home, finish them and send them to them and call it their birthday present. It’s alright, they are used to me and my warped sense of humour and will think this is funny….and typical of mom.

Today I’m going to show you how I fixed an oops…a big oops. Here is the original card.

I have no idea why I embossed this teal cardstock with the Stampin’ Up snowflake embossing folder in the first place but obviously didn’t use it because I found it in my stash. Decided right then to turn it into a card. I simply added the gold peel-off sentiment and some little gold star peel-offs. I gently ran a white ink pad over the top of the embossed areas and then ran the Wink of Stella pen over them. Once it was glued to the card base (leaving a bit of a white edge) I decided it needed a frame so I added the gold peel-off strips around the edge. I quite liked it and then I found……the oops! When I went to open it to put the message in the inside, I realized that I had glued it on upside down. Groan. There was no peeling if off and I figured it was destined for the garbage but then I had one of Oprah’s aw-ha moments. I just peeled off the sentiment and threw it away, turned the card around and added a new sentiment to the top and then some gold snowflakes too. Saved! Here is the new card.

 I don't think the recipient will know it's been altered. Do you?

That’s all for a sunny but cool Thursday,





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aquafit said...

You have so much talent my friend.
Nice cards both ways.

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