Friday, December 11, 2015

Spinner Cards

I am so tired tonight. This was such a busy day. We had to go to the church to pick up 7 poinsettias….and brought them back home immediately so they were not in the car for hours; things to drop off at the food bank; a trip to Wal-Mart to get a stocking stuffer and a few grocery items we forgot to get…..I’m not a huge Wal-Mart fan but we are limited for shopping, especially toy shopping, here so I had no choice; had a quick lunch out; and then a couple more stops before home. I delivered the poinsettias this afternoon to the people that I visit from our church that live in a nursing home now – that took 2 hours and the 7 people I visit are on six different floors and only one is close to the elevators….the rest are all way down the hall – one on the east end and one on the west end for the most part. Lugging 7 poinsettias and my coat (so darn hot in there) and purse all over a nursing home was exhausting…..but worth it….the ladies that were awake loved the flowers and the visit and I’m sure the ones that were asleep will like them too. When I got home from the nursing home I had to get the sewing machine and accessories ready for tomorrow’s quilt lesson I’m helping to teach…..last day for that!!!!....then I made supper. Tonight will be busy getting the Christmas cards ready to mail. This has been a non-stop day for sure!

Today’s cards are the ones I made for the 8 and 11 year old grandsons. I think they will like them and I also think the parent may not!!!

I actually made the blue one last year but for some odd reason, never used it. This is one of those spinner cards that are made, usually, with pennies and dimensional glue dots so the image will spin around and go from side to side as you tilt the card….which is probably the part that eventually will get on the parent’s nerves. Well, Canada does not use pennies anymore and although I had a few U.S. pennies I decided to use flat buttons for the red and green card and it worked just fine. I won’t go into details of how to make these because there are many tutorials already out there…..just search for spinner card instructions. One hint I will give you though, keep the image small and not really thick. I tried a large elf and he was too heavy to spin.

That’s all from a tired blogger. Have a great weekend everyone.


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