Monday, December 14, 2015

Sparkle and More Sparkle

This was an interesting weekend. Saturday was the last day of teaching kids to quilt at our local library – small room, lots of people and very hot! We are still experiencing above-average temperatures – about 55F – but companies turned the furnaces on weeks ago and for some reason, they seldom turn the thermostat down. And, it was raining off and on all weekend which triggers off my brain disorders and I went talking like I came from the Deep South – but my student didn’t care. The young girl, Nadia, that I had was a quick learner, a wonderful, polite girl (as were her two sisters also in the class) and was a delight to teach. She was doing so well, I taught her a few extra things. I did this knowing we would run out of time to get it finished in class so arrangements have been made for me to help her finish it at her house.

It was raining today and my speech is still bad but I decided to go to the church to help make quilts for kids with cancer and for others in our community that need a comfort quilt. This was the last day of our group quilting for this year and it was our annual potluck dinner too. We have such fun there…..and they don’t care if my speech is bad and it doesn’t make them uncomfortable and in fact, they joke about it right along with me so I don’t mind being with them. It was one of the ladies in this group that heard me speaking Southern a few months ago and said, “Well, you just sound like your from Georgia so we’ll just call you Savannah today!” Good group to be with!

Today’s card is sparkle and more sparkle.

The blue background is one of those pre-glittered sheets which are great because the glitter doesn’t fall off! However, they are quite thick so the embossing is not as crisp and deep as I wanted. I just put the top half of the card in the embossing folder because I wanted the bottom left plain. Then I used the Scor-Pal to emboss two lines under the embossed part. In between the lines I added a fancy silver peel-off – note to remember – normal glue does NOT stick to glitter paper. I had to run a bead of Glossy Accents along the line to hold the peel-off in place.
The fancy snowflake is a Memory Box die and this was the only hard part of making this card. It was very shiny, shimmery paper but it had a vinyl-like backing and this intricate die was not easy to cut. I think I passed it through the Big Shot at least 12 times and still had to hand cut a few spots. It too had to be glued down with Glossy Accent which was not easy to apply to those little pieces. A clear gem was added to the centre.
I tried to add a peel-off sentiment to the bottom which is why I didn’t want any embossing there but it wouldn’t stick and broke when I removed it. So, I used my new Tim Holtz sentiment die set and cut the JOY word and used, you guessed it, Glossy Accents to hold it down. I think this is one of my all-time favourite cards that I’ve made. It’s on its way to the recipient so I hope they like it.

That’s all for a rainy Monday,





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jinxxxygirl said...

I've seen that glitter paper i think. i never bought any because it seemed so thick i didn't know what i would do with it. Your card turned out beautiful! Love that snowflake.

Sounds like you found your tribe to hang out with. Thats so nice. Today promises to be our warmest of the week 66 degrees. Tomorrow only in the40's ... so i will open some windows today.... Today we are closing the door on the Master Bed and Bath... I will get all the tools out of there and vacuum and dust and it will be out little oasis. It will be finished until the texture man comes but that will be a little while. We need to get more rooms done first. Hugs! deb

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