Thursday, January 7, 2016

A Contemporay Circle Card

I’m back with another card today. Yesterday I went with my sister to London’s Cancer Centre where she got ‘tattooed’ for her upcoming radiation treatment for breast cancer. She feels more comfortable having me along as company and to make sure she doesn’t miss any important information they give her. By the way, her cancer was caught at the earliest the Centre had ever seen so go get those mammograms ladies! We decided to leave early in the morning so we could go to Len Mill’s or Fabricland and we ended up at both. We opted to go to Fabricland first. I was able to get some much needed solid or almost solid coloured fabric for borders for the quilts I just made at a very reasonable price……but their BIG sale didn’t start until today – drat!

After a lovely pasta dish at East Side Mario’s we went to the hospital even though we were early……better early than late! They were running behind so it was a bit longer wait than we thought. Then we went to see the lodge where she is staying during her treatment (thank you, thank you, thank you Canadian Cancer Society) and then she wanted to go to Len Mills as well…..but I didn’t buy any more fabric!...but did pick up a few crafting items I needed. Needless to say it was very late when we got back and I was too pooped to do a thing. We stopped at Harvey’s and got some veggie burgers for supper because I was getting hungry and I knew Joe would be very hungry and I also knew that I was not cooking! Long day but we actually enjoyed it – except for the hospital visit.

This is another card using my Spellbinder’s swirl die which is actually called ‘Contemporary Circles’ but I just refer to it as my swirl die.

Another ‘lets use up some stash’ card! The light brown was the same colour as some of the flowers in the printed paper and then I picked the darker brown as contrast. I die cut everything three times and then taped them together at the back. I wanted something in the centre of the largest circle to “pop” so I added the red paper flower with a small gold peel-off heart. Then a gold flower and a gold heart peel-off were added to the other circles. The sentiment is also a gold peel-off and the line under it started out gold but I ran some red alcohol ink over it to turn it red to pull the red into the bottom of the card.

That’s all for a cool (around the freezing mark) but sunny Thursday,






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