Monday, January 18, 2016

A Fall Scrapbook Layout

It is bitter cold again today. The rain did come and got rid of a lot of the snow but then the snow came back on Sunday and it snowed all day. Joe came down with another cold on Saturday so I actually shovelled the driveway Sunday afternoon by myself……and lived to tell about it! It actually wasn’t as hard as I thought as the snow was light and fluffy so not heavy at all. Right now it is -7C (19F) but with the wind it feels like -17C (1F) and tonight it will be even colder. Taking the recycling bins out and back in was enough fresh air for me today! I’m staying inside and working on my quilts.

My card making friend stopped in this afternoon for a cup of tea and chat and we exchanged some dies and stamps. It’s nice to use someone else’s supplies to see if you like them enough to buy them or not. We’ve done that before and I did end up buying one of the dies I borrowed but not the other one.  Tonight I will be playing with my friend's dies to see what I can create with them.

On Friday I posted a scrapbook layout that was done partly by computer, partly the old-fashioned way – hybrid they call it. Today I’m posting the page that sits opposite in the album. It’s not really a two page layout but I do like them to have some similarities.

So, I had all these random photos of us at various parks at various times and various nature pictures I took and didn’t know what to do with them but didn’t want to not use them. There wasn’t a premade template that I wanted so this layout was done the old fashioned way. The background is a greeny-grey piece of cardstock with an orange piece set in the middle to break it up.  Each photo was cropped to fit on a grid of my own design and each photo is mounted on white and then glued in place leaving a bit of background paper showing. The three small ones in the middle-right were first glued to a left over piece of light orange as the patterned paper was too distracting. The titles were all from a sticker pack, as was the leaf. The top one was glued to the solid light orange which is the same cardstock as the strips under each grid of photos. For the journaling a piece of light paper was cut to the same size of the small photos and I hand wrote a blurb.

Here are the two pages side by side in the album.
I like doing both types of scrapbooking and it pretty much depends on my mood and if a suitable template is available. My next desire is to learn how to create my own templates that can be used over and over.

That’s all for a very cold Monday,






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aquafit said...

I enjoyed our visit also, I am going to make a few cards also tonight.

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