Thursday, January 14, 2016

Blue Card

Well we got even more snow last night but its warmed up a bit. Joe complained about the snow yesterday and I looked at him and said, “I know. You would think it was the middle of January!” He looked at me for a minute and then said, “Oh, right.” We had too many days of mild weather and someone got a little spoiled.

Today’s card is another one using up strips of left over paper. I absolutely have to get using up my paper stash of bits.

I was looking for a piece of dark blue paper and this lovely pre-printed piece of paper that is the card base fell out. It was actually a 6”x6” piece so I have no idea why it was in with the bits stash and not with the original pack but it was. Right behind it came those three off blue strips and I have lots of that light blue bits so I pulled them all out and decided to make a card. First thing I did was cut down the 6” piece to fit on a blank card base. Then I cut the strips down into various widths and then hand cut them into banners. Once they were arranged the way I liked them, they were glued down. I added the blue ribbon across the top to hide all the end pieces, tied a bow with the same ribbon and glued it on (it is now straight too). The sentiment was stamped with some shiny blue ink I have. It needed something else though. I decided the light blue strips were too blah so I placed some scrap paper under each one and stamped the small dragonflies (retired Stampin’ Up set) using the same shiny ink as used for the sentiment. Much better!....and called it done.

That’s all for a sunny but cool Thursday,




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aquqfit said...

a very nice ideas, one way to use up scrapes

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