Monday, January 4, 2016

Happy New Year

Happy New Years everyone! It seems like weeks since I posted anything. I have a hard enough time on a regular basis remembering which day of the week it is and when a holiday or two are thrown in, I’m really lost. Last Thursday was New Years Eve and I really meant to post a nice Happy Thanksgiving post and card but we decided to take the tree down that afternoon. By the time we were finished, had supper, showered, etc. I kind of forgot I hadn’t posted anything……and by the time I realized it, it was so late I figured no one would be thinking of checking blog posts on New Years Eve (well I did but I’m boring) so I didn’t post anything.

Taking the tree down reminded me of what happened about 25 years ago when Joe, who had the week between Christmas and New Years off-  but I had to work - decided to take the tree down himself. He called me at work to say he wanted to and I tried to talk him out of it. The tree was LOADED with ornaments and decorations as usual (probably enough for two or three trees – not kidding) and it takes forever to carefully remove them, the hooks and return them to their original boxes – yes I’m a Virgo and that’s how we roll! He had seen me take the decorations off the two Christmas’s before so I thought he knew the routine. I got home from work and there he was with his big smug smile and waiting for a compliment on his fine work – which was on the tip of my tongue until I turned my head and saw the sofa! He had removed everything from the tree and just piled it all on one end of the sofa; and no hooks removed. My loud AAGGGGHHH tipped him off that not all was well and no compliment was forth coming. What a mess. It took me longer to remove the mess he made and get everything back in boxes than if I had done it in the first place. Needless to say that was the first and last time he was in charge of un-decorating the tree!

I thought I’d start the year off with a scrapbook layout as I haven’t posted one for ages. I also seldom do a layout with just one photo but I only had one of my grandson trying out his scooter so here is what I made.

The blue helmet and shadows and the brown earth dictated the colour palette to use. I pulled out a sheet of white cardstock and flipped some brown and blue paint splatters all over it. I love to do that to white paper. Then I search through the paper stash to pull out some blue and brown paper. The strips of paper were inked all the edges with brown ink…as were the circles. I was going for a light grunge look for a boy’s page so I didn’t worry about keeping edges clean and neat. The photo is triple matted – first on white, then blue then brown. I like to have something horizontal at the end of the photos to ground them so I found these nice wavy brown splattered strips and placed a dark blue bit in between. These edges were inked as well. The circle journal item was stamped in blue. The Cool Ride was die cut with an old Cuttlebug Alphabet set.

That’s all for a very cold…brrrr the cold winter air is back….on a Monday,




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