Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Windy Wednesday Card

Wow, it felt like an April day today with temperatures at 9C (48F) but the wind was cool with very strong gusts. We went for our walk this morning and really couldn’t decide how to dress for it. I opted for a spring/fall jacket because it was so mild and Joe wore his winter coat because of the cool wind. I start to feel nauseous if I get over-heated and he doesn’t so it worked out well for both of us…..but I think he was a little hot when we were out of the wind but he wouldn’t admit it! The strong wind started last night and it blue this slate welcome sign right of the wall and unto the porch about 8 feet away…..


……and slate is heavy so that was one strong wind gust! I thought it just chipped one corner off but when I looked at it this morning it has a large hairline crack up the middle so I think I need to paint another one. I have a huge box of slate so that is not the problem; it’s the time to do it!

Today’s card is another one made from the paper stash. You may be seeing a few of these as I’m on another quest to use it up. I reach in and pull out a bag of paper bits and try to use them in a card. It's actually quite fun.

Okay, I cheated a bit on this one. I didn’t have any images coloured up to suit the paper but I had this photo of an Angle butterfly that I had taken and had the sentiments added in Photoshop and decided it had been sitting on the desk long enough and was considered “stash”. The “just because” came stamped or printed on that piece of paper…..which was either gifted to me or bought at the thrift store as I don’t remember buying it. I found that pinkish paper that went well with the background and the orange strip that matched the “just because” and the butterfly. The flower was made with a Stampin’ Up thinlit and the butterfly is from a Memory Box die. I added an orange circle around the middle of the flower and then glued on a gem. This card should brighten someone’s day….at least I hope it does.

That’s all for a windy Wednesday,......yikes, I can hear the wind howling as I write this!







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jinxxxygirl said...

Hi Violet!!

Hmmm.... maybe you could do a little tutorial on painting slate. I know i'd love it! I'm so sorry yours broke. :( Lovely card... i never tried writing on my photos in photoshop... i'll have to try that! Don't get blown away. Very windy here too ... its been warm( in the 50's and 60's) but its taken a turn for the chilly... 39 for the high today.. 23 tonite... brrrr.. Hugs! deb

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