Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Soaring Eagles

Today’s weather forecast – ‘WE HAVE NO IDEA’ – I think it was different weather every few miles apart today. We had rain, rain and more rain here but some areas nearby got snow and some got freezing rain… I’m counting ourselves lucky…..we don’t have to shovel rain. However, tomorrow may be shovelling day as they are expecting snow over night. Enough already! By the way, this weather is coming to Canada from Texas…..and so many people think all the weather is USA comes from Canada – nope, we share bad weather!

Earlier in the week I happened to check out my garden and I have snowdrops blooming! The crocus are close to blooming too and the daffodils and tulips are up a couple of inches. So nice to see. Here’s a photo of the snowdrops.

There are other clumps of snowdrops as well but they are not in full bloom like this one. Maybe all the fall debris helped it along.

Today I’m posting a photo of the last quilt (wall-hanging actually) that I finished – Soaring Eagles! This was made and donated to the Friends of Rondeau for their 2016 raffle….2nd prize. The first prize is a pair of new bicycles – which I would love to win! This wall-hanging is 43” x 43”.

Fused appliqué and machine quilted.
Hopefully it will generate a few ticket sales!

That’s all for a very wet Wednesday,






1 comment:

jinxxxygirl said...

Well it should generate MORE than a few ticket sales Violet. Its gorgeous! Hugs! deb

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