Friday, March 11, 2016

Quilted Accessories

Another packing marathon coming up this afternoon so I thought I better get something posted this morning. Yesterday was so busy I didn’t even think about posting anything.

My sister is moving and she likes bright, colourful accessories so I decided to make her a new kitchen set as a house warming gift. A friend of mine quit sewing and gave me a box of material and this fabric was part of that lot. Bette saw the fabric at the time and loved it so I kept that in mind and, luckily, remembered I had it in the stash. Here’s what she’s getting.

I made four round quilted placemats, four quilted mug rugs, two quilted pot holders and that extra fabric which is on the back of each article, is going to drape over her small chest freezer to make it look more like furniture and to keep it from being scratched if something sits on it. She loved the set and I was happy to make them for her. Here's a close-up of some of them.


That’s all for a cool Friday, March-11-16. Have a great and creative weekend everyone.




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