Friday, May 6, 2016

Birds and Toads

This will be a different kind of post. Joe and I have been doing some hiking and taking pictures of the migratory birds and even a toad that I hope you enjoy. Sorry, but I have no time for card making when I can be outside. The winter was too long and I'm anxious to be out and about. However, there is an 80% chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow so I expect to be hunkered down in my lower studio creating some masterpieces....okay, over exaggerated...making cards and scrapbooking!

Meanwhile check out these beauties - and maybe a beast! First the beast!
This little frog was sitting in the shallow water and there were no birds around to take a picture of so I took a picture of the frog. As I was checking the photo on the camera Joe said, "look, look" and I looked down to see the toad releasing his chin. I waited and the toad even turned around facing us and I got this shot.

And he kept right on doing it. I believe they are calling for a mate.

           And these are the birds I got fairly good shots of this week and last week.





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