Thursday, June 16, 2016

A Scrappy Quilt

What a couple of busy days I’ve had. Yesterday I had just sat down at my table to make some cards when my sister called me to tell me she was had a bad reaction to some new medication......but she was feeling better... and I insisted she go to the clinic to be checked out…..but we were home in time for me to attend the quilt meeting. This morning I took her to the lab for the blood work they wanted so now it’s a matter of waiting for results. This afternoon I had a periodontist appointment in Windsor and of course we run right into a humungous thunderstorm – fork lightning, sheet lightning and pouring rain….and I mean pouring. I would have pulled over but hubby was driving and being a typical man he goes into what I call “trucker mode” and kept going. He’s a very good driver but I still think we should have pulled over. The appointment went well and we treated ourselves to Chinese food for supper when we got home.

Seeing as the quilt meeting was last night I’m posting a photo of a quilt I finally finished for my daughter, Janette. This is a scrappy quilt but made with a pattern. It is a huge quilt. That's hubby holding it up as far as he could - and he's almost 6' tall - and its still dragging on the ground.


Here’s the quilting in the off-white squares....done by free-motion quilting.


Here’s the quilting around the border... flowers and leaves.....done by free-motion quilting as well.

She saw it when it was just the quilt top and loved it so I know she will love the finished one even more.

That’s all for a rainy Thursday,



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