Friday, June 17, 2016

Soccer Layout

What an absolutely gorgeous day this was! Perfect weather for me! We had a busy day again today. First Joe did a couple loads of laundry and I hung them on the line, then we went and bought some more asparagus….right from the farmer who grows it….but sadly, tomorrow is the last day she is open. Then Joe cut the grass while I trimmed back the peonies, roses and irises and the weeping mulberry tree….at least I think that’s what kind of tree it is…whatever it is, it got a trim. After lunch I cleaned the bathrooms; fed the birds; boiled eggs and red potatoes ready for potato salad tomorrow; made bean salad (so darn good) and worked on a few cards. Isn’t it funny when some days you sit down to create something and nothing seems to work and then another day everything clicks. Today was a click day. I actually whipped out six cards this afternoon and for a bit after supper. Stay tuned next week to see some new designs.

The week has flown by and of course if it’s June in Ontario, its soccer time. This is a layout I did of my youngest grandson playing soccer, which he loves! I only had these two photos to work with so this is the best I could come up with.


The background came printed and it left a small area to add photos which worked well for this layout. I added the red rectangle behind the pictures to ground them. I hate it when the photos look like they are floating in a layout. The elements came from various sport and soccer packages. I mix and match all the time so I have no idea where they came from. We do love his funny expressions. He’s been playing soccer since he was about 2 ½ because they city where he lives has an indoor soccer rink that is set up specifically to teach young children soccer….and how to pay attention to their coach. He used to call it the “soccer house” and couldn’t wait to get there.

That’s all for a lovely Friday. Have a wonderful and safe weekend everyone.



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