Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Baby Quilts

Very cool and windy day this morning here in Ontario but it was still sunny so with the sun and the wind the clothes dried on the line quite quickly. It did warm up by noon though. This morning I finished two baby quilts that are going to Fort McMurray for the residents who lost their homes in forest fire. In case you don’t follow Canadian news, Fort McMurray is located in the very far north of Alberta and a forest fire got out of control and the entire city had to evacuate. Over one-fourth of the city’s houses burnt to the ground. Sad…..but the good news is no one lives were lost.

Here are the two quilts that I made for them. Both of these panels were in a box of various fabrics that someone gave me. This one is a full panel so all I had to do was add the three borders.


This one is the same panel but someone cut it apart leaving just the middle four panels. Not only that but they cut a 2 ½” strip under the bottom right image. It took some thinking to figure out how to correct it but I think what I came up with works.

One of our local quilts shops – Pastime Pieces – is collecting these and will arrange to have them shipped. I believe Fed-Ex is shipping them free of charge.

This afternoon I cut out another quilt and marked the quilting along the borders for a quilt for one of my sons-in-law while Joe watched my Toronto Blue Jays beat his Detroit Tigers in the last baseball game for this series. Unfortunately, the Tigers won the first two games. Oh well, at least we got one. He decided to cut the front lawn seeing as he was rained out yesterday while I dug out some bulbs to give away and watered the garden. So another busy day….nothing exciting, but busy.

That’s all for a cool and windy Wednesday,



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jinxxxygirl said...

Yes you sound busy!! We were busy yesterday.... Mowed our lawn and hubby's sister's yard...then hubby went fishing until We are going into a hot stretch here with humidity... uuughhh... so not my weather... but you know Saw twin fawns yesterday in the back yard. So so cute!!

That fire was horrible Violet. I did watch it on the news. How wonderful you are making the baby quilts to send there and that Pastime Pieces and FedEx is helping out. Big Hugs! deb

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