Monday, July 4, 2016

Another Card from the Stash

Happy 4th of July to my American blogger readers and friends. We had the quietest July 1st Canada Day ever. It was raining Friday morning which unfortunately set off my brain disorders which didn’t leave until…well, they are less annoying now but still hanging on. My daughters all had plans for the long weekend so we didn’t see them either. First time ever we sat home on July 1st…but in doing so we saw the longest baseball game we’ve ever witnessed – 19 innings….and unfortunately my Blue Jays loss after all that…but they won the next two games so that was nice. I was okay enough on Saturday to go for a 28.9km bike ride and a BBQ and a long walk on Sunday so overall it was a very nice weekend.

We are still enjoying some lovely summer weather without the dreaded humidity….but I hear it’s coming back later this week with temperatures near 100F again. Groan. We’ve so enjoyed the windows open and the A/C off.

Today’s card was another, “I wonder if this will work?” card.

Don’t forget you are more than welcome to save any cards to your Pinterest account for future reference.

This was another odd piece of paper in the brown stash that needed to be used….this brown background paper came with those flowers printed on but they were so light you could hardly see them….but a silver pen sure brought them to life!.....maybe a bit too much life!!!! Okay what next? How to lighten them a bit??? Velum to the rescue. I ripped a piece of left over velum and laid it on top…not bad but not great either….the flowers needed something else. So I coloured the petals in the largest flower with a red marker and then laid the velum on top again – yes, now it pops. Because I was using silver I used the same pen against the ripped edge of the velum. It was glued on at the bottom and then a piece of seam binding was wrapped around it to hide the glue and a silver peel-off sentiment was added. To make sure the velum stayed in place I inserted silver brads in the flower heads. The fancy butterfly was also a peel-off…..and I wish the Dollar Tree would get more in….and the little clear bubbles were from another peel-off set. Once it was completed, it was all glued to a card base. It’s not one of my favourite cards, but its okay.

That’s all for a lovely summer Monday, July 4, 2016



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jinxxxygirl said...

The vellum gave a very cool effect Violet...I think the silver brads were a perfect choice! :) The rain (several inches over a couple days) lowered the temps over the weekend but left awful humidity behind and now we are warming into the 90's... its gonna be miserable for the next week....uuuughh.... Hope you get to feeling better. Hugs! deb

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