Monday, August 1, 2016

A Crazy Cat Card

This is a long weekend in Ontario – referred to as the Civic Weekend! However, seeing as we are retired the Monday of a long weekend is not that special. Saturday there was a 75% chance of a thunderstorm so we left the bikes at home and walked through an art-in-the-park festival at Erieau… rain. Yesterday was the same forecast so we ignored it, picked up my sister and went to Rondeau for a BBQ. Poured rain for almost two hours! Luckily for us we found a large picnic shelter no one had claimed so we were dry. As the food cooked about 5 cards came tearing up to the shelter and we thought, oh no someone had this rented and no sign was put up! Nope, it was 5 families of Chinese people from Windsor who got rained out at one park so came to Rondeau and couldn’t find an empty picnic shelter here and wondered if we would share. Absolutely. There were only 3 of us so lots of room for that group – 17 or 18 people I think. They were lovely people; friendly, the kids were polite and well behaved and they were all so grateful that we shared the picnic shelter….because about 5 minutes after they unloaded everything it changed from a sprinkle to pouring rain and thunder. They had two BBQ’s going and offered to share their meal but it was pretty much all meat so we respectfully declined…besides we had plenty ourselves. Today we stayed home; Joe did laundry and I hung them on the line and baked in between loads.

I also got some card making done and here’s the first of the Crazy Cat cards I made.


The cat was coloured with water colour pencils and blended with water. I just use a cheap water colour paper pad from the dollar store. Its fine for images I want to cut out. Here’s a hint about cutting out images…..cut around all the small bits first. For example, on this cat I used a sharp blade and cut the inside between his front legs first and then around his tail. It’s much easier to do the tiny places first because you have the entire piece to hold on to.

The background paper is from the stash. The balloon was die cut with a Little B die and attached with a dimensional glue square. I made a white swirl with acrylic paint to look like the sun hitting it. I die cut several balloons and did all the swirls at once and set them aside to dry.  The red cardstock the balloon was die cut from was already shiny so I didn’t have to add anything else to it. I just tied the black thread from the cat’s tail to the balloon. The sentiment is a peel-off.

Don’t forget you are more than welcome to save any cards to your Pinterest account for future reference. Simply place the curser over the picture until the Pinterest sign shows up and enter. This will take you to your Pinterest account.

If you have any questions, tips or suggestions feel free to leave a message. I read all the messages and reply to the ones that I can.

That’s all for a lovely Monday, August 1, 2016…, August already! The summer is going by too fast.



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