Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Third Time is Not Always a Charm!

There was no post yesterday because my computer was taking the day off – grrrrr. I didn’t get it up and running again until almost 10:00 last night and I was too tired and discouraged to post anything.

Saturday it was pouring rain all day, and I mean all day. We were hoping to go see the vintage fire trucks but dropped that idea. It was raining off and on last year when they were here but we at least managed to see them in between showers; but not this year.

Sunday turned out to be a beautiful day so it was hiking day at Point Pelee. We haven’t been there since late spring. I did get a nice shot of a five-lined skink....first time I was able to shoot one because they usually dart away as soon as they see you. This one was soaking up some sun and didn't move at all for the longest time.....and yes, his tail is that colour.

There is a new quilt/home dec. shop in town and today was opening day so of course I had to go to check it out. I didn’t stay long. They have a buzzer on the door that is loud and sharp – reminded me of a whistling tea kettle when it boils – and my trigeminal neuralgia did not like that noise at all…..it was so painful every time someone opened the door I had to leave….and of course it also threw my speech off so I’ve been talking like a real southern lady since then. Oh well, I’m glad it’s not the only quilt shop in town.

Today’s card is the third one I made with my new Sizzix flip-it die set. It was suppose to be like the one I posted on Friday with the extended flap but something went wrong. Here it is finished.


The front was made the same as the last card but with different stamps and designer paper. I used my Spellbinder’s decorative edge die to cut the scallop piece on the inside right. The sentiments (two separate ones but used together) are from Paper Wishes and they were stamped and embossed on white paper and glued on top of the designer paper. The front right flap was all decorated too with matching designer paper….but it needed trimming….and I trimmed it wrong and had to remove the designer paper which ripped and then ripped a bit of the flap….grrr….grrrr…grrrrr. Well that left two choices – throw it out or cut off the flap and leave like the first one…I chose to cut and keep. I must have been half asleep when I started this card because I sort of forgot I was going to add the extra flap and full sentiment verse and I had put a thin strip of white paper on that inside left flap. Well that looked pretty stupid there by itself so I stamped “have a fabulous birthday” on it. Okay, I’m not crazy about this card....third time making the same card is not always a charm.....but I guess they all can’t be masterpieces…LOL….. but maybe someone will like it.

That’s all for another gorgeous day here in Ontario. It turned so hot yesterday we had to turn the A/C back on. Neither one of us can remember ever running the A/C this late in September. Take care all.



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jinxxxygirl said...

Everybody i talk to all over the country says they are hot, hot,hot... I we will all be glad when Fall truly arrives... computer trouble grrrr... and thats all i have to say about that! lol Now i have seen one of those lizards at my sister in laws house.. their tail really is eye catching... I thought it was called a Blue-tailed skink but then five line works too.. :) Wow thats too bad about the store... i wonder if you let them know they would change it... I know you think your only one person but perhaps others have complained too..?

Well i never would have guessed you had so many problems with that card. Its beautiful Violet! Hugs! deb

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