Monday, December 12, 2016

Too Much Snow and Two Cards

Too Much Snow is right! When I read the forecast for the past weekend I didn’t believe it would happen – 24 hours of snow! Really? Yes, really. We had what they call a Colorado Low come through and it was a doozy.  We woke up to snow on Sunday morning and it was still snowing when we went to bed last night. I think we ended up with between 8” and 10” of snow…..wet, heavy snow! I shovelled the driveway four….yes, 4 times! I’m sick of snow already.


This was a busy day. After lunch, I went over to the church to help cut and pack kits of fabric for our January sewing marathon where we are making quilt tops that are going to be given to various Ronald McDonald’s houses. I’m a bit tired tonight.


Okay, now the cards – I’m posting two similar cards but one has a bit of a different centre. You need to see the first one to understand how I did the second one. These were made with the Stampin’ Up ornament die set (heavy glitter paper used) and Tim Holtz branches dies (die cut and then glitter glue painted on and then sprinkled with more loose glitter) and Tim Holtz border die…same heavy glitter paper (Dollarama) as the ornament. The background is from a paper pack from the thrift store that had the cover removed so I do not know who made it. All those little dots are embossed and glittery so perfect for Christmas cards. The sentiments are peel-offs.

Here is the first one: I die cut this ornament and left it intact to use parts of it in the other card. Keep reading to see what I mean.


Once I was finished making the other card I put this one together. Silver glitter paper was simply glued behind the turquoise die cut ornament.

This is the second card:


Same ornament and embellishments but it looks different. Now, this one was a bit fiddly to make. Like I said, this ornament was die cut twice; once in the darker turquoise used on this card; once in the light turquoise that was on the first card posted. The die cut pieces from this ornament were just popped out and discarded. Then I put scotch tape behind the back of the ornament making sure all the holes had tape behind them. Then I carefully removed each positive die cut piece from the light turquoise die cut ornament and placed it into the same negative space in this ornament and pressed them hard to make sure they were secure. It was a little time consuming but not too bad and it just gave a different look. 

Once everything was die cut and the glitter glue dried it was quick to put both cards together. I don't think any instructions are needed. However, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I'll be happy to answer them.

Well that’s all for a very white Monday, 2016-12-12




aquafit said...

they are both beautiful, i can see they were a lot of work.

jinxxxygirl said...

LOVE how you glittered up the branches Violet! 24 hours of snow... Oh my! We had a quick snow shower the other day... just long enough for me to stand there wide eyed looking at it and smile and say OOOooooo... then it was darn! They are talking some snow for us maybe right after Christmas... fingers crossed... Big hugs! deb

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